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Eternal Fall

by Aubriana Ortiz

The leaves that camouflage from your eye


With that color that fades from the sky


Scents of cinnamon and pumpkin fill the air


With that crisp breeze that flows in my hair


It creates a beautiful orange hue


In something I thought I never knew


That sweet autumn decay


I wish would never go away

October Skies

by Harvey Keene

I do not believe in october skies

When the trees all die and the songbird cries

How could I believe in a time so bleak

Children fall dead and lovers never speak


October brings fear, october brings blight

The new birds flying now fly with fright

The october sky hits them fast and so they fall

Losing their way and the point of it all


So fly, fly away from the october death

Before she makes you draw the final breath

If you can escape those october skies

One less time my songbird cries

Golden Home

by Alicia Gutierrez

Up at the crack of light

Slide on my boots

I might just go crazy


As I walk up to the gate

I sigh not bad but a good one


The sound of leaves as the breeze

Of the fall comes in


The beauty that the trees are making

There’s green everywhere

As you look deeper you see some

Other color orange as the orange fades

Into gold


The rabbits go into their holes

Bears are preparing for hibernation

Snakes curl up into the trees


Birds are starting to migrate

It's getting darker later

Coyotes are sneaking up

Leaves are falling down


Hunting season is in full blast

Wood stoves are being ignited

Pellet stoves are being filled


Fall decorations are hanged already

Coffee is being made

Stories are being told

Sweatshirts are being thrown on


Candles that smell like fall

Are being lit

Wax warmers are turned on


All the smells

With the comfy blankets

Is what makes my fall


by Kayla Hanson

You are the Night sky

Your smile so radiant, the stars seem to dim

When you speak owls grow quiet

You are crafted by stardust


I wish to stay at your side

Like the two doves upon the magnolia tree

Dance with you as lightning bugs do

Grow old with you


Finally have someone

To Hold

To Love

To Keep

October is… 

by Melissa Ruiz



It’s really something else.

Sure, there’s November and September in the season of fall but they shouldn’t count.

We have October.

October is excitement;

“Omg should we match for Halloween?!”

October brings satisfaction;

“I stepped on the perfect crunchy leaf today.”

October brings relief;

“Finally, out of the triple digit heat!”

October is perfect.

The leaves allow their cozy green blankets to fall and their real colors begin to show.

Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere, and cozy blankets hug you away from the cold.

But the air also brings another type of change.

In school, everyone starts to get comfortable so they start letting themselves go just a bit.

The quiet kid who sat in the back might speak out more now that they know you.

Scorched summer skin begins to fade into a light fall, almost winter-tone.

You don’t see yourself change. Or maybe you do.

The world around you is transitioning from something wonderful to something that’s somehow…

Even more wonderful.

It's only natural for humans to mimic and adapt to their environment.

We sometimes change for the better.

Or the worse.

But change doesn’t have to be all bad or all good..

It doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We’re not alone.

October is going through it with you too.

A Place Beneath the Trees

by Leah Armstrong

I sit beneath the trees

Enveloped in the breeze

Wrapped in nature's embrace

My own reality

My own escape from life

The pull of the pages

The earthy smell of trees

It is a paradise

Euphoric in a way

You may not understand

You may just acquiesce

And leave without a care

And that is fine with me

I am content right here

In my own little world

A place beneath the trees

A Farmer’s Hands

by Rosepreet Sandhu
*Selected as Staff Series Pick

In the Central Valley of California, where autumn paints the land,

A farmer toils with weathered hands, tending to the soil so grand.

As fall arrives, the fields transform, a tapestry of golden hues,

The harvest season now begins, a time of hard work and fruitful views.

Rows of crops, like nature’s art, stretch out as far as eyes can see,

The scent of earth and ripened fruit fills the air so sweet and free.

The farmer’s hands, weathered and strong, work with purpose and care,

Planting seeds of hope and dreams, nurturing life with love to share.

So let us celebrate the fall, in this land of abundance and grace,

Where farming and autumn intertwine, creating a harmonious embrace.

In the Central Valley of California, where seasons come and go,

We find beauty in the cycle of life, as nature’s rhythms gently flow.

Under The Harvest Moon

by Alyssa Montgomery

Under the Harvest moon

A banshee wails in the dead of night

A phoenix burns oh so bright

Mermaids sing and call to friends

Minotaurs play and battle men

The Fae play tiny and out of sight

Griffins fly majestic and high

Onis are hungry and cannot wait

Gorgons tidy their face and snakes

Centaurs ride graceful and strong

Fauns strum a beautiful song

Ogres thump each step a tune

Lycanthropes howl at the moon

The unicorns decorate and the dragon's call

The feast has begun for one and for all

Grudges erased and friendships mend

The mythological feast has began

A Eulogy 

by Zoe Byron

Do not worry

when I fall

down from the

trees to sprawl

upon the sidewalk

all broken and


I am a leaf. 

This is what

I am meant to do. 

Do not be shocked

when my vibrancy

turns to a dust-colored

hue that only

a sodden slab of 

cement could cherish. 

And when I die,

remember that I

got through four whole seasons

and am now feeding

my fellow creatures

with the nutrients

that I absorbed

while growing,

flying, and falling. 

I am a leaf. 

I could not

dare to ask

for any other


The Season. Your Season. Our Season.

By Isabella Ramel

The season of autumn.

The season of giving.

The season of ghosts, witches, and monsters.

The season of reliving.


As the leaves start to fall,

I do the same.

As they begin to change colors.

The spark between us begins to light aflame.


While bears get ready for hibernation.

I do the opposite.

Trying to solve this stupid, recurring, love equation

My thoughts keep me awake, I’m consumed by it.


The birds begin to migrate South.

Going back to where they know.

I do the same going back to who I've known.

Where I begin to look for your name,

when I get a notification on my phone.


Your season of love.

Your season where you make me impressed.

Your season of achievements, awards, and A pluses.

Your season where I’m convinced you’re the one, among the rest.


The smell of pumpkin lattes fills the air

And Halloween begins to come near.

I wonder if this is a trick-or-a-treat

Is this a game you are playing,

Or are you truly being sweet?


I begin to notice the little things.

Like the way you change your style,

Or the way you wear your hair,

Or the way your expression changes when you start to care.


As autumn continues,

We become closer,

Looking for warmth in this chilly weather.

Rekindling the fire, that was there,

That we once both desired.


Our season of confusion.

Our season of subliminals.

Our season where you and me, become us,

And we are no longer separate individuals.


We’ve been through this twice

I’ve seen it all before

Where we are both entranced by lust

But then you suddenly shut me out and slam the door.


Is the third time really the charm?

This time will you keep me close, hold me tight,

And not let me leave the grasp of your arms?


I’ll fall.

You’ll fall.

It’s a recurring cycle.

Yet, we’ll continue to be in denial,

Until it begins and ends once again.



The season.

Your season.

Our season.

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