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Penumbra Press

Since 1989, Penumbra has published the artistic and literary talents of students and creatives regionally, nationally, and internationally and has strived to be a champion for writers of all ages and backgrounds. As a publication, Penumbra is unique; its student-led staff personally solicits, selects, and edits its content and design. This journal provides its staff with the unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience putting together both an online and print publication featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid, and art pieces. Penumbra is excited to share a unique opportunity: Penumbra Press, a new branch of the Stan State publication. Through Penumbra Press, we offer poets the chance to have their poems printed as physical and online chapbooks!

Penumbra Press is a recent branch of the Stan State Penumbra publication, originating in the fall of 2021. Through Penumbra Press, we offer poets the chance to have their poems printed as a physical and virtual chapbook! For those interested in this opportunity, the staff at Penumbra Press wants to examine a sampling of your work. We ask that submissions consist of 3 poems minimum and a combined page total of 5 pages maximum. Along with this, we ask that you include a proposal of your work. Submitted proposals must be in PDF form to be considered (include a 200-300 word synopsis of the direction or vision of the poetry collection as a whole, not to be included in the total page count). These submissions will represent a larger collection of poetry that, if accepted, will be published as a chapbook. We are especially interested in emerging writers of any age or background and encourage anyone who has not previously had a poetry collection published to submit to us. We also ask that the poems featured in your chapbook be original, unpublished poems. Please have your poems be constructed around a unifying theme or concept, specified in your chapbook proposal. As a reminder, Penumbra, Penumbra Online, and Penumbra Press are committed to curating anti-racist and inclusive content for our readers. As always, we welcome works from any and all backgrounds and experiences. Those interested in submitting should review our general submission guidelines on our website as well. Penumbra Press will be considering the first 100 submissions received. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to We proudly showcase past chapbooks under our Chapbooks tab. Feel free to browse past editions and note chapbooks’ diverse range of subject matter and contributors.

*Please note that we can only ship chapbooks to those in the U.S. at this time!*

Check out our past chapbooks down below!

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