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Calls for Content

Penumbra's Fall Online Youth Call Now Open

Until November 17th, 2023!

Penumbra Journal of Literature and Art at California State University Stanislaus 

Invites High School Writers and Artists to Produce 

Poetry, Short Fiction, and Graphic Art  


Autumnal Transitions: A Time of Natural Beauty and Preparation for Change 

Penumbra seeks poetry, short fiction, and art on the seasonal theme of autumn. We are issuing a special invitation for high school students to submit their works on various elements of fall life and experiences. Accepted works will be published in our fall 2023 edition of Penumbra Online featuring the literary and artistic efforts of high-school-aged students. We especially encourage young writers who have grown up in the culture and environment of California’s Great Central Valley to focus their creative efforts upon autumn as a regional experience. How does autumn in this unique area inspire you? What season-specific activities, thoughts, and habits do you turn to? You may wish to focus your attention upon the abundance of sensorial impressions that arrive with the coming of autumn, the sights, sounds, and aromas of autumn life. You might find inspiration in the seasonal holidays and festivals. Alternatively, you may think of autumn as a metaphor, as a time of significant transition from growth to conservation generally. We offer below a collection of autumnal experiences to get you started thinking. Mix them, match them, elaborate upon them, or bring your own ideas to a nearby keyboard or canvas and create! 

  • Autumn’s first rains or first chill after California’s hot, dry summers 

  • The activities and cries of migratory birds and other animals as they prepare for winter 

  • The sights and sensations of harvest time—the delectable foods of fall 

  • The changing leaves and brilliant colors of autumn 

  • Autumn holiday excitement and associated meanings in personal experience 

  • Local autumnal traditions, myths, or legends  

  • Transitions in life which may signal changes in how we view ourselves or others 

  • Recognizing changes and how we may respond either effectively or perhaps tragically  


Reflect deeply upon any of these experiences or other related ones which may emerge for you. Create and submit your poem, story, or image to Penumbra Online for consideration.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

*To learn more about submission guidelines click the button below.

Interested in Reviews?

Penumbra Online would love to hear your opinion on the latest in pop culture. We would love to hear your opinion on films, shows, poetry, and music. To learn more about reviews, including how to submit, click the link below and visit our reviews page!

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