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What’s on Campus 11/2: Penumbra Poetry Reading and Rios Visit

All poetry enthusiasts, mark your calendars for an exceptional opportunity to delve into the depths of poetic expression with none other than Fresno's own Poet Laureate, Joseph Rios. Joseph Rios is a writer and the author of Shadowboxing: Poems & Impersonations, which won the 2018 American Book Award. The poetry reading will take place at CSU Stanislaus on November 2, 2023, and will be located in room 202 in the Student Center.

Rios' works have been described as a fusion of gritty realism and dreamlike abstraction, reflecting the multifaceted nature of Fresno. His verses traverse the landscapes of memory, family, and identity, providing a visceral experience for those who have had the privilege of reading his poetry. Now, you can experience the magic of his words firsthand.

The poetry reading event promises to be an immersive journey into the human experience, as Rios explores the intersection of his personal narratives with the broader themes of culture, history, and belonging. This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with a Poet Laureate who is deeply rooted in his community and whose work is a testament to the transformative power of art.

Whether you're a seasoned poetry connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of verse, Joseph Rios's poetry reading is an event not to be missed. So, clear your schedules, invite your friends, and come to CSU Stanislaus to enjoy this wonderful event!

The latter half of the Penumbra event will hold readings from fellow Penumbra interns! We have three exceptionally written pieces that are sure to frighten and amaze the audience. Lauren Krone will be reading her piece entitled “Entomophilia.” Krone’s short story is one that is sure to send shivers down the spines of anyone who fears insects. This is a reading that you do not want to miss!

Our second reading of the event will be coming from Penumbra’s very own Richard Rubio. His short poem is entitled “im perfect” and is a poem that everyone needs to hear. The topics that Rubio covers in his poem feature the issues of human beings facing the reality of their own imperfections. However, it also speaks to a sense of alcoholism giving people false hope as they deal with anxiety regarding their physical imperfections. Rubio’s poem is incredibly interesting in this regard as it holds many fascinating meanings!

Penumbra’s third and final staff reading will be coming from Schuyler Becker. Her short poem is entitled “The Banshee.” Taking inspiration from mythology for this Halloween, Becker’s piece features a nightmarish banshee dealing with horrifying actions. Bashing at brains, screaming like a beast, and breaking from hell, are just a few topics that are covered in this poem. This is a reading that you do not want to miss!

Ultimately, we at Penumbra are proud to have published three exceptional pieces from our very talented writers. It just goes to show that one doesn’t have to look too hard to find talent since Krone, Rubio, and Becker were amongst our very own. We thank these three for having the courage to post and read their writing for the rest of us to enjoy!

Martina Bekasha and Kevin Alkhas both contributed to the writing of this blog.

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