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Campus Buzz on the Upcoming Events You Can't Miss

For this blog, we will be discussing two different events that are happening at CSU Stanislaus next week! First, let’s discuss the first event, the 7th Annual Indigenous Peoples Day!

It is important in a world that is continually transforming to bear in mind and respect our origins, cultures, and pasts. California State University, Stanislaus is preparing to host the Indigenous Peoples Day event for the seventh year. This occasion, which bears the theme "Nurturing Ancestral Roots and Self-Determination," holds the promise to be a thought-provoking and impactful commemoration of indigenous customs, cultures, and the fortitude that characterizes indigenous populations.

This event is scheduled to occur in the Event Center on Thursday, October 12 from 4:00 to 7:30 pm. The forthcoming event will feature the following:

To begin, the event will open with the Indigenous Dinner at 4:00. Chartwells will host an Indigenous Dinner event, commencing at 4:15 with drummers setting the tone. Attendees will assemble at 4:30 to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Cueponcaxochitl. At 4:35, the program will commence with an Opening Blessing delivered by Katherine Perez, an esteemed Chairwoman of the Northern Valley Yokut tribe, followed by Brooke Hernandez ’23, a Chickasaw Indigenous Students in Activism Alumna, introducing the theme of "Nurturing Ancestral Roots and Indigenous Self-Determination'' at 4:45. At 4:55, Vice Chairman Waylon Coats, a Speaker and Singer from the Southern Sierra Mewuk, will take the stage, followed by a speech from Dr. Sacha Joseph-Matthews, Chief of Diversity, at 5:05. At 5:15, Indigenous Students in Activism Officers and Supporters Maria, Brandon, and Jenell will issue a Call to Action for Northern Valley Yokut Projects. The event will continue with a discussion on the Me-Wuk Tribe's tradition of storytelling in Sheep Ranch (California Valley) at 5:45. At 6:15, Audiopharmacy with Pomo DJ RasK'Dee will start their performance, followed by a speech from Chunya Johnson, a Stickball Choctaw Storyteller, at 6:45. Indigenous Games, hosted by Chunya Johnson, will take place outdoors at 6:55, and the event will conclude at 7:25. For more information, feel free to visit the link provided below!

The upcoming 7th Annual Indigenous Peoples Day at CSU Stanislaus is anticipated to be a remarkable occasion that pays tribute to historical legacies, acknowledges modern achievements, and anticipates a future in which indigenous communities flourish freely. This program is open to Alumni, the campus community, and the public at no cost, and we extend an invitation for your attendance.

Do not worry if you are unable to attend this event! Because there is another interesting event going on on campus! The following event that will take place is a theatre event! If you enjoy musicals, you will want to read this!

Mark your calendars for a wonderful event! From October 13 to 15, and then again from October 19 to 21, prepare to be captivated by CSU Stanislaus' theatre department as they proudly present the renowned musical sensation, Ride the Cyclone. This extraordinary production, originally created by Brooke Maxwell and Jacob Richmond, promises an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on this special opportunity to witness the magic unfold before your very eyes! Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring journey of this sensational musical, which first graced the stage in 2009. Since its debut, this musical has captured audiences in theaters across the globe, leaving a mark on the world of performing arts. This production is delightfully humorous and also possesses a touch of darkness.

Experience the thrilling tale of six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir whose lives are tragically cut short in an unexpected twist of fate on a roller coaster called "The Cyclone." Feel the thrilling twist where their souls are granted a remarkable opportunity to make a return to life for an unforgettable final performance! As they find themselves brought back to life as the very characters they had longed to embody in their human existence, they obtain the opportunity to share their hearts, baring their deepest hopes, dreams, and even their regrets.

The presentation of this musical will take place in the Main Stage Theatre, where general seating is available. Tickets may be acquired through the website of California State University, Stanislaus Theatre Department, accessible at The cost of tickets is $12 for anyone seeking general admission, while students, seniors, and veterans are eligible for a discounted rate of $10.

Experience the must-see musical that has garnered high reviews for its creative narrative and catchy melodies. Embark on an enticing journey as we explore the innermost thoughts and emotions of the characters, providing a unique window into the challenges and victories of youth and the pursuit of self-realization. Ride the Cyclone offers a truly unique musical experience that is bound to captivate, uplift, and deeply resonate with audiences.

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