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  • Martina Bekasha

A Mystery You Will Want To Solve

Published in 2021, The Last Thing He Told Me is a work of fiction authored by Laura Dave, belonging to the genres of thriller and mystery. During summer break, I engaged in the reading of this novel which captivated my interest to such an extent that I was able to complete it within a mere two days, a testament to its exceptional quality.

The setting of the novel is Sausalito, California, in modern times. The narrative revolves around a recently married couple, Owen and Hannah, as well as Owen's adolescent daughter, Bailey. Hannah, in the process of acclimating to her recent marriage with Owen, encounters significant challenges in fostering a positive rapport with Bailey. Hannah expresses a desire to exercise caution and respect personal limits, while acknowledging the absence of a relationship between herself and Owen's daughter as the sole deficiency in their relationship. Bailey, as an adolescent, harbors a negative sentiment towards Hannah and lacks the inclination to establish a friendship with her. Bailey consistently exhibits rude behavior towards her stepmother and expresses a desire for her father's union with Hannah to have never taken place.

On a particular occasion, Hannah is presented with a note from a little girl who came knocking on her front door. The note states, “protect her.” Hannah finds this situation perplexing as she struggles to comprehend its implications. Nevertheless, upon receiving information of the arrest of Owen's boss for fraudulent activities and Owen's unaccounted whereabouts, she becomes aware of a significant discrepancy. The protagonist is now faced with the task of notifying Bailey of her father's sudden absence, prompting them to collaborate in order to unravel the circumstances surrounding this situation. Bailey's assistance is sought by her due to the fact that Owen has also left a hint for her. Both individuals acknowledge that by collaborating, they increase the likelihood of uncovering the circumstances surrounding Owen's disappearance.

I would prefer not to disclose any spoilers as it is possible that many of you may have a vested interest in perusing the novel. However, I must say that the book was highly intriguing and remarkably accessible, making it a swift and effortless read. I could not put the book down! In addition to its publication as a book, the literary work has been adapted into a television series. Therefore, if you do not feel like currently starting a new novel and would prefer to binge watch a new television series, the show is conveniently accessible on Apple TV.

- Martina Bekasha

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