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What We're Watching: The NFL

Fall quickly approaching means three things: desperate cravings for a pumpkin spice latte, the changing of leaves, and the beginning of the football season. Americans everywhere find themselves glued to their phones or televisions as they recap each week of the NFL. With injuries and controversy plaguing the league, the NFL is consistently the most viewed televised event of the week. Now that the season holds seventeen games instead of sixteen, more people make it their mission to support their individual teams. Commissioner Roger Goodell certainly knows how to keep his league a trending topic at all times.

It appears as if football is unavoidable. The NFL hosts games every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. While this might be incredible for most people, even diehard fans find it to be a chore to follow all the action. Many avid fans keep in mind their team’s injury reports or statistics like they are the general manager of their squad. The NFL isn’t just some show like Family Guy or Grey’s Anatomy where viewers watch a single thirty-minute episode each week. Rather, NFL games tend to last roughly three hours long. This is a commitment to even the most diehard fans.

As week two of the NFL sees its end, many interesting events took place. On the very first drive of the season, legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets suffered a torn achilles which effectively keeps him sidelined for the remainder of the season. Many news reports are jokingly stating that Rodgers made 75 million dollars just by simply playing for less than 45 seconds. Now that’s a tradeoff I’d be happy to engage in. The Dallas Cowboys had one of the largest blowouts in NFL history where they dismantled the New York Giants by a score of 40-0.

Many coaches find themselves on the hot seat as their jobs are on the line depending on their team’s success for this season. In essence, this is another facet of the NFL which makes it just like any television drama. Fans love to embrace the drama surrounding every single controversy, injury, and politics. A good example would be how controversies like Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem, or cheating controversies like the notorious “Bountygate” scandal took the sports and news media by storm. Let’s face it, we love drama, and the NFL happens to be a place that has a ton of it! Ultimately, the NFL most certainly maintains its subliminal promise that it will be an American staple for years to come.

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