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  • Aja Guzman

The Surgeon's Cut

The Netflix show, The Surgeon's Cut, follows four different surgeons' lives; what they do, and why they are extremely well-known for being innovative in their specialty. Each specialty shows real life cases and follow ups on the patients that the doctors perform on.

In the first episode, Kypros Nicolaides, a British man, becomes a physician and Professor of Fetal Medicine at King's College Hospital in London, England. He is an expert in Fetal Medicine, and his discoveries have transformed the area, but also, the world. Kypros uses ultrasonography, small cameras, and fiber-optic-based lasers to treat fetuses in the womb. He does procedures while the mother is awake, watching it all on the screen. He makes all of his patients comfortable and believes you must have empathy to be in such a stressful, but beautiful, field. Kypros has stated that he will never, and never will be, used to telling patients bad news. He believes if you are used to telling patients bad news, then you are not doing your job as a physician or surgeon. In the second episode, Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a neurosurgeon. He transitioned from being an undocumented immigrant at the age of 19 to working as a field worker, then as a welder, followed by attending community college, Berkeley, and ultimately Harvard Medical School. He has accomplished so much in his life, recognizing that he could achieve even more. During his younger years, he cherished the sight of trains disappearing into the horizon and harbored a deep desire to follow that dream. He fulfilled that dream. Now, employed at the Mayo Clinic of Neurosurgery, he diligently attends to all patients, regardless of circumstance. Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa is a man of his word, never lets a patient see him sweat. He removes any and all brain tumors, aiming for the patient's cure. He is pushed by fear and failure to be better in the work he does.

In the third episode, Dr. Nancy Ascher at UCSF, is the first woman to perform a liver transplant. She is a talented woman of many hats who becomes a completely different person behind the operating room doors. She is focused, driven, and very straight forward. Nancy knows she is good at what she does; she does not like seeing people in pain. It pushes her to be helpful to those who are in pain, and it causes her to think more outside of the box. She discovered that the liver can be divided into segments by following the corresponding blood vessels. Nancy states “I was taught to have fear and respect for the liver because it is so vascular.” She enjoys the attention to detail, the trickiness. It is all pure risk, but she reflects on her past of what hasn’t worked, and never repeats the same mistake twice.

In the fourth episode, Dr. Devi Shetty is a Cardiovascular Surgeon. He also developed and controls the Bangalore-based hospital company Narayana Health, which is a chain of about 21 medical centers in India. Dr. Shetty enjoys the work he does, and of course has performed such difficult and specialized surgeries. The numbers reveal him as one of the most successful surgeons in the world. Every patient on his table must know and understand that the risk of losing their life is extremely high. Every surgery is always complex. Dr. Shetty is one of the 50 heart surgeons in the world who perform 100-200 surgeries in their life. He has performed over 600 heart surgeries in his lifetime, therefore, his experience is one of the largest in the world. He has continued on to say that he never felt any fear because he was ultimately being directed by God and only needed to follow the road that had been set for him.

This show goes hand-in-hand with those who are wanting to be in the medical field and make a difference. These doctors inspire and drive me more to be in that field and to help those who are in pain. You must be understanding of your patients’ pain, let them know you are there for them, and make sure to follow up to see how they are. You are engaged in an act of service to assist those who are desperate to feel better. These very down-to-earth human beings, who have dedicated their lives to saving lives, prove to the world that they are selfless individuals. These surgeons go above and beyond in their profession and I cannot wait to make an impact in the medical field.

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