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Summer 2024: Water, Water, Every Where!

Updated: Jun 26

Hey everyone! Andrea here: long time editor, now a recent graduate student alumnus from Penumbra's university, Stanislaus State. Now that the spring semester has finished out, I've hopped back on the team to help with the our summer edition and activities. As of right now, our summer call is still open until midnight (PST) July 4th! Our theme: water.

Water is an integral part of all life; it makes up more than half of who we are, and it can be just as destructive as it is essential. This theme can connect to literally any person or thing, but to me, it especially connects with mothers. Water engenders, or births, life, as well as takes it away. Water acts as home to many creatures in oceans or lakes. Water is harvested for its utility and often times neglected for mankind's "greater good." Water is fluid and typically stored in yonic, bowl-like basins: lake beds, streams, ocean crevices, etc. To me, water has always been a comfort, despite the potential for sudden danger. I think of Ophelia from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: dress blooming in the stream, did she fall without realizing? Or did she welcome water in her lungs, seeing it as a familiar friend?

Water resides in us, and it is usually during our most vulnerable moments that it leaks out. Drops of salt water from the Pacific could easily be mistaken as tears, after all. I think this call invites all kinds of avenues for creativity, and we hope you agree as we continue seeing your amazing submissions! If interested in submitting, click here to be taken to our submissions page.

In addition to working on our online edition, we'll be publishing reviews (un-themed and open all year round), blog posts, and podcast episodes on our favorite shows and other media. Penumbra has a lot of fun stuff lined up for this summer, so we hope you stick around to see it!

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