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Introducing the Staff

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Greetings, everyone, to the virtual platform of this academic semester's blog. The team, consisting of both experienced and new members, will be reconvening this semester on Penumbra Online to engage in the collaborative creation and dissemination of blogs, chapbooks, media, and podcasts. I would like to start by acquainting you all with our staff.

Our esteemed faculty adviser for this semester is Dr. Anthony Perrello. He will have the responsibility of supervising the tasks performed by the editors and editors-in-chief. Fun fact: Dr. Perrello has assumed the role of faculty adviser for Penumbra and Penumbra Online for the first time this year, so welcome Dr. Perrello! Following that, we present our wonderful editors-in-chief, namely Andrea Wagner, Essence Saunders, Brittany Landon, and Autumn Andersen. All editors-in-chief of the Penumbra team joined Penumbra during their undergraduate studies and have remained active members throughout their graduate school enrollment.

In the current academic term, there are newly appointed editors. I will start by introducing myself, Martina Bekasha. The individuals included in the mentioned list are Kevin Alkhas, Allison Westlund, Lauren Krone, Schuyler Becker, Catherine Azevedo, Richard Rubio, Soleil Jones, Sara Turk, and Mary Worthington. The blog team consists of me, Martina, Kevin, and Catherine. Our social media team consists of two members, namely Schuyler and Richard. The podcast crew consists of two individuals, namely Lauren and Allison. Finally, the members of our workshop team are Mary and Soleil.

Each team has a certain objective. The blog team is responsible for generating blog entries on a regular basis during the semester, focusing on current trends and campus events, which are then published on our website. The social media team is responsible for managing Penumbra's many social media platforms and distributing information pertaining to news and updates. The podcast team conducts interviews with the writers of selected submissions to engage in discussions pertaining to their respective works. The responsibility of conducting the writing workshops is assigned to our workshop staff.

The staff of the Penumbra Literary Journal is eagerly anticipating this semester and hopes that all individuals share in our enthusiasm.

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