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  • Brittany Landon

Introducing Launch Week!

The Penumbra staff has had a super busy summer. From things like navigating and building a brand new website, to reading and editing the wonderful pieces we received for our summer edition, we have been booked!

With that in mind, though, we're so excited to announce that instead of having a launch party on the release day of the journal, as we have in the past, we are instead going to give you all a sneak peak of the things that have gone into the making of the summer journal by introducing Launch Week!

The journal is set to go live on August 18th in the afternoon, but rather than making you all wait that long, we will slowly be publishing sneak peeks and other exciting things the entire week leading up to the launch starting on the 14th.

Keep an eye out for things like author bio's, recordings of some of the pieces, our cover reveal, interviews with contributors, and more! Things will be posted both on Instagram and Twitter, as well as to the site directly.

We're very excited to share Penumbra Online's Summer 2023 edition on "Ungendering Gender" with you all. It has been a passion project for our senior staff and we are thrilled with all the amazing pieces that have been submitted to us on this topic. We want to thank everyone for contributing to this conversation, regardless of whether your piece is in this edition.

Stay tuned as we finish our prep and get started on Launch Week 2023!

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