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Camp Redwood

American Horror Story is a television series that has been running since 2011, with a new plot for each season. There are currently 12 seasons, with the most recent season being released September 21, 2023! Because each season has a new plot, the names are all different:.

Season 1: Murder House

Season 2: Asylum

Season 3: Coven

Season 4: Freak Show

Season 5: Hotel

Season 6: Roanoke

Season 7: Cult

Season 8: Apocalypse

Season 9: 1984

Season 10: Double Feature

Season 11: NYC

Season 12: Delicate

Each season's title corresponds to the central theme of the storyline. For this blog, let's discuss one of my favorite seasons, 1984. The title, 1984, refers to the setting. During this time, a group of young adults living in Los Angeles joined a summer camp as camp counselors. The camp, Camp Redwood, had a mass murder occur 14 years prior and had to shut down. Margaret Booth, one of the survivors, chooses to re-open the camp because she refuses to allow the tragedy to interfere with the camp's unlimited potential for fun and activities for children. The perpetrator is initially identified as Mr. Jingles, a janitor at the camp. He was sent to an institution after the event because he could not recall committing the murders.

At an aerobics class, the main character, Brooke, encounters Montana, Chet, Ray, and Xavier. They invite her to work as a camp counselor with them during the summer, but she declines due to her academic obligations. However, she is attacked in her own home by the "night stalker" also known as serial killer Richard Ramirez. After this encounter, she decides to go to the camp with her new friends. The next day, they begin their journey to the camp located just a few hours north of Los Angeles. On the way there, they encounter a man who warns them to turn back or they will die. They disregard the warning and continue traveling to the camp. When they arrive, they meet the camp's owner, Margaret Booth, who gives them a tour. They are then introduced to Nurse Rita, the camp's nurse.

As the sun sets, they assemble around a campfire, where Nurse Rita informs the counselors of the camp's homicides. None of them were aware of the homicides. Margaret Booth then enters the scene and informs them that the event did occur and that she is one of the survivors. She revealed to them that she was missing an ear. She explained that Mr. Jingles marked his victims by cutting off their ears. He would thread the ears together to leave his mark. Margaret reassures the terrified camp counselors that nothing similar would occur now that Mr. Jingles is locked away. She instructed them not to discuss the homicides the following morning when the children would arrive, and with that, I will conclude my summary!

I would like to keep the remainder of the narrative of the first episode a surprise for anyone interested in viewing. Many fans of American Horror Story would contend that this season is not their favorite, but I disagree! I have repeatedly rewatched this season because I enjoyed it so much. It is available on Hulu if you are interested in viewing.

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